Real Estate Branding


* Transform ‘That Thing You Do’
Into a Powerfully Authentic, Prosperous Personality Brand
That Attracts a Steady Flow of Eager Clients
* Skyrocket Your Real Estate Business with a Personality Brand Designed to Reflect a 6-Figure Agent Status
* “Stand Out” from the 1000’s of Agents Offering Similar Services…Leading You to More Clients, More Referrals, and More Money


The single most important decision you can make in the real estate business is to create a distinctive, professionally branded image. WHY? Your brand, and how you express it, instantly gives you a competitive edge and eliminates any doubt of your professional credibility. Your ideal clients need to immediately “know you,” “like you,” and “trust you” and this is accomplished through a strong, authentic and compelling Personality Brand.

Your Personality Brand is YOUR SECRET to instantly communicating 6-Figure Success! (even if you’re not at 6-figures yet)



The number one reason Agents go through my REAL ESTATE AGENT MAKEOVER is because they know they need more than to just offer stellar service…they need to COMMUNICATE what they offer in ways that differentiate them from competitors, and instantly get their ideal clients to say, “YES.” (Check out brand client successes below!)

I’m Here to Help You…

Create An Instantly Recognizable Brand Rich With Personality And Charisma, So That Your Ideal Clients Are Drawn to You…Even if They Don’t Know Why!

Energize Your Marketing with Your Own Unique Brand Image. Never Again Will People Question What You’re All About – It’s All in Your Brand!

Break Out of the Cookie Cutter Real Estate Agent that Most Agents Present Themselves to Be… Taking Your Business to a Whole New Level.

Remember that a Brand is more than a logo and an up-to-date photo. Your Brand is a complete package that “tells your story” at first glance. Every element of your brand is carefully thought-out and prepared to match who you are and accentuate your strengths and unique offerings.

You only have one chance to make a stellar first impression and stand out from your competitors.



  • Custom Personality Brand Logo
    Your logo has a BIG job to do. Consistent use of a personality logo is the unifying link that ties all of your marketing together in the client’s mind. It’s the visual “hook” that people will recognize and remember. It must make the right impact at first glance, be memorable and distinct, and give you instant credibility.
  • Personalized Brand Color Palette & Style Guide
    Make your brand come alive with a color palette crafted to reflect your personal style AND intuitively attract the attention of your ideal clients.
  • Professional Brand Tagline Brainstorm Collection
    Instantly express what you’re all about with a custom and unique tagline, crafted to let your ideal clients know why they need to work with YOU.
  • Custom Designed Business Cards
    Showcase your STAR-status brand with a custom designed card created to grab attention and make a lasting impression.
  • Custom Designed Website Banner
    Captivate your online audience with your Personality Branded website banner. This is where ALL of your clients (and their friends, family, colleagues…) will go to learn about and work with you!
    This is your HOME on the Web…make it inviting!
  • Personality Branded Social Media Banners for FOUR of the Hottest Client-Connecting Websites:
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
  • Custom Branded Letterhead, Envelope AND Thank You Card Designs
    EVERY communication should be branded! Make every way you reach out to your clients (and potential clients) express your own personal style, so you’re unforgettable!
  • Custom Designed “For Sale” AND “Open House” Signs
    Good-bye boring signs… Hello, personality-rich brand-YOU signs—YOUR personal billboards—to stand out and grab the attention of buyers, sellers, renters and investors!

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Client Success


“Lisa is by far the most incredible Graphic Designer I’ve ever worked with and I won’t use anyone else!

“I go to Lisa for ALL of my branding and marketing collateral for my businesses! I have worked with many Designers over the years and none have the polish and intuitive creativity that Lisa has. I give her less than ideal situations to work under and every time she comes back with something stellar and amazing and her turnaround time is always great.

Lisa is able to tap in to what my style is in a matter of minutes. Hands down she has increased my brand recognition and online presence 100%. 🙂 Thank you awesome, powerful woman!

~ Karen Coffey, VIP Real Estate Coaching

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I got excellent results!

“Lisa came referred to me and after I looked at her samples, I liked that her designs were not like all the others. She had fresh ideas. Within a few conversations and emails, she understood exactly what I was looking for and was able to give me exactly what I wanted. She delivered every time I added a new project and she tied all the pieces together nicely. She has created several brand pieces for me and I look forward to working with her as I grow my real estate business. Lisa also has a great turnaround time. I referred her to someone else and they too were amazed and impressed at her quick turnaround time. Lisa helped give me a better image and I feel like I can put my marketing materials up against any of the “big name” real estate companies. Hire Lisa!

~ Zelda Greenberg, Realtor®, Legacy Realty Group

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Ainara Nieves, Realtor®


“I could not be happier with the branding work that I have received from Lisa!”

“Before starting the process, I wasn’t sure what to expect, let alone what I wanted or what I was looking for in the “look” of my brand.  By just sending some pictures, answering some questions (a lot more important than I 1st realized), and a having a phone call, Lisa was able to get designs that were right on from the beginning.  I was so happy to see how easy it was to work with Lisa.  Revisions were completed quickly, and she was very open to ideas and collaborating.  I’m so happy and proud of how everything looks now.  All of my social media and marketing material match my personality; they represent me.  I love that I don’t have a cliche real estate logo, brand, or tagline.  Everyone who has seen it loves the look.”

~Ainara Nieves, Realtor®

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“I could not be happier about my logo and all of the marketing material to use it on.” 

“I feel like a kid on the first day of school. I feel such a sense of pride and think I might even have a few polos with the logo added to my wardrobe!

~ Dawn Niermann, Realtor®

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“The work I have created since working with Lisa, has been my best work.

“I wanted a clear brand to help me establish my new business and connect me with the clients I wanted to reach. Lisa was invaluable in helping me accomplish this. Every step of the way, Lisa listened carefully and helped me get to the essence of my thoughts. As a result, I was able to create a brand that aligned with my ethics, morals, and goals. The work I have created since undertaking this effort has been my best work. I credit this to having a clear brand and vision as a starting point.”

~ Derek Uskert, Atelier Architecture, AIA, LEED AP

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Swalm Properties Logo

Swlam Properties

“Lisa was able to create a logo that authentically communicates what our company is about. She is very professional, provides exemplary results quickly, and I definitely look forward to doing business with Lisa again.”

“I needed help creating a logo and branding a company I am creating. Lisa came highly recommended from everyone that I talked with, to help me with branding and logo design. I found Lisa to be very organized, extremely professional and easy to work with. She made the process as streamlined as possible and easy for me. She was able to create a handful of possible logos based upon what I wanted. My colleagues and I selected a logo that suited our needs and with which we were very pleased. I feel excited and look forward to what the future has in store for my company and how we can grow. If you are looking for a logo design or overall brand development, I highly recommend Lisa.”

~ Connor Swalm, Swalm Properties



“You only need to know one name for your graphic design and branding needs…Lisa Hromada.”

“I contacted Lisa to help me develop a logo for my company.  I can’t be happier with the outcome. Not only did she provide me with an amazing logo, but she helped me with an fantastic tag line for my company. She is thorough, her work is pristine, and she is always immediately responsive to emails. Thanks, Lisa!!”

~Jeff Wilson, Realtor®

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Shelley photo


“I needed help branding two companies into one and you knew exactly how to do it!”

“Wow, what can I say but you were so FAST that I could not approve your work quick enough. The postcard and flyer you designed for me were ‘right on’ using my personal style with your branding knowledge to create a winner. I look forward to working together again designing other marketing pieces to create our ‘new look.'”

~ Shelley Alterman, Legacy Realty Group/ Rental Guys Property Management

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Monica Photo


It means a lot to have a Brand that is so authentic to me!”

“Lisa came recommended to me after I had a disappointing experience working with another designer. After talking with Lisa for a short time, she immediately understood, more deeply, what I am all about in my business and was able to capture that in the designs that she presented to me. I love my new logo! Lisa is incredibly easy to work with and I was very impressed with the seamless and quick process of finalizing my logo. She provided me with various logo formats to use in my online and print materials, and laid out all the information I need to stay on brand with my colors. I highly recommend working with Lisa on your branding. She has a great design sense, efficient turnaround time, and a deeper ‘branding’ perspective you don’t find with most designers. She doesn’t just give you a design, she provides you with a whole FEEL to your business that is instantly recognized and understood. Thank you Lisa!”

~Monica Kopel, Realtor®

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“I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone who’s looking for custom branding!”

“Lisa was super professional and met all the deadlines as promised. She was patient with me in deciding my “look” and helping me through what I liked and didn’t like, to come up with branding that fits me and my style.  She asked lots of questions to really understand my business and that saved us both time in the end. Thank you!”

~Denise Kenney, Realtor®

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You can’t put a price
on a quality marketing image.


* Use YOUR Personality Brand to Clearly, Strategically and Authentically Express YOUR Unique Promise of Value in Ways that BLOW AWAY the Competition!



Have questions about a custom Brand Makeover?

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