Logo: Why is it so important for Your Business?

Written By Lisa Hromada

To understand why a logo is so important, it helps to begin by defining what is a professionally-designed logo.

What is a logo?
A logo is not just a visual mark designed to represent a business, product or service; it is the visual foundation on which to build an entire brand. When done correctly with your overall brand expression and market positioning in mind, it becomes one of the most valuable assets to your business.

Because your logo is placed on everything—business cards, letterhead, PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, products, vehicles, buildings, website and sales pages, and much more. Those who see your logo instantly form opinions about you and your business.

1) Are you professional? (a distinct logo will instantly re-enforce your professionalism and express the care you take in your business and the value you provide to your clients.)

2) Are you clear about who you are, what you stand for and do I think you can help me?

3) Do you take your business seriously and are you in this for the long-haul? (there is a significant and often clear visual difference between a business who has invested in a professionally-developed brand presence established to last for years and a business who has not.)

You want your logo to provide you and your business immediate recognition, be an authentic expression of your business’s core mission and purpose, represent trust and value, inspire loyalty, respect, and imply a certain sense of superiority. It has a big job to do.

The shape, color, font and images all play an important role in differentiating one “like” business from another. In a crowded business-world—online and offline—this is absolutely essential.

You need your logo to:

  • make the right impact at first glance – A logo is the very first impression someone gets about you and your business
  • be memorable – When done correctly, a logo is meant to last for a number of years, inspiring instant client recognition
  • unique and authentic – One of the core purposes of a professionally designed logo is that it aids in differentiating you from other companies, coaches, consultants, healers and professionals.
  • reflect the thoughtful planning and time you’ve invested into the design of it
  • be the foundation for your entire business image

And all of this can’t possibly be achieved without the right steps, questions, tools and expertise that comes from working with a professional.

If you are an independent professional or small business, you’re likely asking yourself, “Ok, so how much IS a logo design?” “Where do I start and what is the logo process?” “How do I choose a designer and trust that he or she will do it right?” For answers to these questions and more, you will want to check out Lisa’s other posts on this site.


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